Delivery / Transportation

Whether it is just one item or a large volume of goods or equipment, We deliver all!

Delivery / Transportation Services

“I always believe in giving people more than what they expect to get.” ~ Denny Sim, Director

Sim Movers is the one stop solution for moving and packing. Be it a single item or a large volumes of goods or equipment, our experts will help you to deliver them to your preferred destination. Our trucks are boxed up and they come with hydraulic tailgates. These features protect your items from direct sunlight or rainfall, as well as keep the risk of being damaged to the minimal. Team Sim Movers have built a strong reputation on delivering items on time and keeping up to our commitments, be it rain or shine. We will do same for you. Our expertise in delivery and relocation services has resulted in repeated business through referrals. Our clients love to engage us time after time and refer us to their friends. We strongly believe, you will not be disappointed either.

Contact us if you need any Delivery / Transportation service

Just give us a call at 9048 0563 / 6272 2788 or send an email to We will ask you a couple of questions to have a clearer picture and provide you with a free non-obligatory quote at the soonest. If it’s a large scale move, we will drop by at your place to have more clarity on your items, destination and route. Feel free to share your requirements, plans and any information that you think will help us. Leave the rest to us. Rest assured that it will be a hassle-free experience for you.

If we are not pre-booked, we will start our service right there. But, if we are running tight on schedule and no immediate slots are available, we will discuss and book the best available slot for you. We always encourage our clients to pre-book our service to keep everything in order. For any emergency or urgent request, we always try to take best possible actions.

We will offer a partial compensation if the item is accidentally damaged due to our mishandling. However if item is damaged due to wear and tear, there will not be any compensation. Sim Movers reserves the rights to decide the cause and compensation amount of any damage. Our movers are skilled, experienced and use the latest and industry-best equipments to give best of care and safety to your items.

Sim Movers has a SGD$2 Million public liability insurance. For items with very high value, clients may consider to buy insurance on their own for the relocation.

Rain or shine, Sim Movers is here to relocate. If the rain is too heavy and we feel that your items may be damaged, we will assess the situation and act accordingly. In such cases, you will be informed prior and relocation will be rescheduled accordingly.

We are open to last minute changes. Sim Movers has both the manpower and technology to handle any last minute addition of items. However, there may be additional charges incurred.

Clients can either pay in cash, paynow or with cheque upon job completion. For corporate clients, you can apply for credit terms with us!

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