House / Office / Factory Relocation

Sim Movers has years of experience in dealing with house, office and factory relocation. We seek to customise the move in accordance to our client’s needs and our service is definitely second to none!

Who are we?

Since 2004, Sim Movers has been a trusted and friendly office, factory and house relocation service provider. Our years of experience and top-notch expertise in moving and packing on given time help us to provide customized service in accordance to the client’s needs. Our supreme past records and good words from our customers showcase our quality service. Looking for an expert to move your office assets or household equipments to your new destination, we are here to give you end-to-end service.

Our Process:

  • Free Onsite Quotation
    Our expert team will visit to your house, office or factory for a no-obligation discussion. Onsite inspection helps us understand the situation and your requirements better. With our better understanding of your items, we help you with a more realistic quote, better advices on packing challenges and even more cost efficient solutions for your move.
  • Site Recce
    We also extend our onsite visit to your new destination. We take notes of your new destination, set-up and come up with a hassle-free, convenient relocation plan. Our recce to your new destinations help us to understand the challenges prior and prepare better. We wrap up our onsite recess with a long discussion with the clients sharing our plans and understanding his needs better.
  • Administrative work
    Once we have a strong understanding of your location and destination, our experts will start liaising directly with the condominium/office management regarding the move. A better discussion will help us to have more understanding on time constraint, loading and unloading bay, lift padding and other nitty gritty of relocation.
  • Carton Boxes
    We will also provide carton boxes to ease the relocation and facilitate your packing of items.
  • Complimentary Assembling and Dismantling services
    We love our clients and know the pain of relocation. This is why we have come up with complimentary assembling and dismantling service. Our movers are experienced and ever-willing to help you dismantle and assemble items like beds, wardrobes and refrigerators. Rest assure that there will not be any extra cost!
  • Complimentary Protective Wrapping service
    Not only assembling of regular contents but we also extend our services to wrap up them to ensure supreme security. As part of our value-added services, all of your sensitive items will be wrapped, whenever necessary, to be protected from scratches. The types of wrapping includes shrink wrap, bubble wrap, cardboard wrap etc. So that, you don’t need to worry about your loved and valuable items while they are on the move.
  • Smooth migration of items
    Sim Movers are loaded with state of the art facilities. Coupled with our meticulous and dedicated workers, our trucks are also equipped with powergate which greatly facilitates the loading and unloading of items, creating a safer environment for both our workers and your items. Along with that, our recess help us to identify the best routes and come up with the best plans for seamless and fast relocation.
  • Our Commitment
    If Sim Movers and the client is in on same page with the process, plans and the commercials, we will definitely turn up with our logistics and best workers for a hassle-free relocation.


Be it rain or shine, day or night, we pledge to be there for you throughout the whole project.

Just give us a call at 9048 0563 / 6272 2788 or send an email to We will ask you a couple of questions to have a clearer picture and provide you with a free non-obligatory quote at the soonest. If it’s a large scale move, we will drop by at your place to have more clarity on your items, destination and route. Feel free to share your requirements, plans and any information that you think will help us. Leave the rest to us. Rest assured that it will be a hassle-free experience for you.

If we are not pre-booked, we will start our service right there. But, if we are running tight on schedule and no immediate slots are available, we will discuss and book the best available slot for you. We always encourage our clients to pre-book our service to keep everything in order. For any emergency or urgent request, we always try to take best possible actions.

We will offer a partial compensation if the item is accidentally damaged due to our mishandling. However if item is damaged due to wear and tear, there will not be any compensation. Sim Movers reserves the rights to decide the cause and compensation amount of any damage. Our movers are skilled, experienced and use the latest and industry-best equipments to give best of care and safety to your items.

Sim Movers has a SGD$2 Million public liability insurance. For items with very high value, clients may consider to buy insurance on their own for the relocation.

Rain or shine, Sim Movers is here to relocate. If the rain is too heavy and we feel that your items may be damaged, we will assess the situation and act accordingly. In such cases, you will be informed prior and relocation will be rescheduled accordingly.

We are open to last minute changes. Sim Movers has both the manpower and technology to handle any last minute addition of items. However, there may be additional charges incurred.

Clients can either pay in cash, paynow or with cheque upon job completion. For corporate clients, you can apply for credit terms with us!

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